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  • 20 August 2019

    The Polish Armed Forces Day was celebrated in Pretoria on 14 August 2019. The representatives of the diplomatic corps, military authorities, the Warsaw Flights Commemoration Organising Committee in RSA, business circles and the South African defense industry as well as the press participated in the event.


    The official part of the event began after the playing of the Polish and South African national anthems.  Colonel Dariusz Siekiera, defense attaché at the Polish Embassy in Pretoria, familiarized the guests with the history of the victorious Warsaw Battle of 1920 which took place during the Polish-Bolshevik war period. He emphasized the importance of military alliances and international cooperation in maintaining international peace and security in the world. Colonel Siekiera also mentioned heroic events from the history of Poland and South Africa - "Flights over Warsaw" by South African Air Force and Allied airmen who lost their lives during a military mission to support the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. Representative Song of the Polish Army traditionally concluded the official part of the ceremony.

    On 18 August  2019 the Polish Association in Johannesburg organized Polish diaspora picnic to celebrate the Polish Armed Forces Day as well as to commemorate the merits and bravery of Polish soldiers buried outside the borders of the Republic of Poland. The gathered participants of the ceremony which took place  in the Walkerville chapel funded by Stefan Herok, paid tribute for the late Veterans and sang soldier and legionary songs together. Traditional Polish dishes have been served: sour soup, bigos, potatoes, salads and cakes.

    Polish Armed Forces Day of the Republic of Poland is celebrated every year on 15 August  in memory the victorious Warsaw Battle of 1920 which took place during the Polish-Bolshevik war period. The festivity day was established by order of the Minister of Military Affairs, Gen. Stanisław Szeptycki, No. 126 of August 4, 1923, which contained the information: "On that day, the army and society honor the glory of the Polish army, which the soldier personifies and expresses. On the anniversary of the immortal defeat of the Bolshevik storm near Warsaw, the memory of those killed in the battles with the age-old enemy for the whole and independence of Poland is celebrated. " The Battle of Warsaw, known as the eighteenth decisive battle in the history of the world, saved resurgent Poland against destruction and stopped the march of the revolution to the West.

    Photos: Grażyna Koornhof/Embassy of the Republic of Poland and Witold Kozłowski


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